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Medcem Port

Medcem Port was established under the supervision of Taşucu Port Authority and Taşucu Customs Directorate in order to discharge the fuel and raw material-supplying vessels of the group company Medcem Çimento factory in Silifke/Taşucu Yeşilovacık district and to ship the Clinker and Cement produced in our factory with the ships. The handling capacity of our port is 8.000.000 Mton/Year.

Port Information

Handled Load Information:

Coal, Bulk Cement, Bulk Clinker, Packaged Cement and Other Cargo Loads.


1 Unit of 30.000 Mton Capacity Cement Silo
1 Unit of 5,000 Mton Capacity Clinker Silo
1 Unit of 3.445 m2 Closed Warehouse

Total Port Area:

57.000 m2

Dock Information:

Rıhtım NoLengthWidthDraft
1154 m.24 m.10-12 m.
2190 m.35 m.13-17 m.
3190 m.35 m.13-17 m.

Handling Equipment:

1 Unit of LPS 420 Liebherr 1000 Mton/h Coal Discharge
2 Units of Bedeschi Shiploader 1400 Mton/h Cement/Clinker Loading
1 Unit of Sennebogen 870 Mobile Crane

Yeşilovacık Port Hazardous Material Guide