Occupational Health And Safety

YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş. evaluates Occupational Health and Safety as a priority in the applications it performs in all areas of responsibility. It takes care to adhere strictly to the Occupational Health and Safety Rules being applied in the company. This care and desire provides protection from the dangers associated with the operation and from the conditions that will harm our health and provides a better working environment.

YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş., believes that occupational safety rules should be fully applied and the procedures stated in work orders should be followed in order to protect visitors, partners and employees from all kinds of accidents and misconduct that may cause accidents.

The pride of our employees is the "Quality" of the work they are doing and the quality work is based on the safe and diligent use of the facility and environment provided by the employer, in accordance with the occupational safety rules.

In YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş., the main goal is safe, efficient and quality work. Our employees, together with the employer, ensure the safety for their health and happiness of their families.

In YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş., a decisive program is implemented for occupational health and safety works. First of all, an "Occupational Health and Safety Supreme Board" covering the entire company was established, ensuring that issues related to the subject are delivered to the senior management. In addition, there is a "Workplace Health Unit" to minimize the effect of work accidents and work-related illnesses that may occur despite all protective measures and to provide pre-treatment health services at health facilities. In this unit, our employees are provided first aid health services. In addition, periodic examinations and workplace hygiene services are also provided.

Legal Framework

YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş. conducts its activities in accordance with local and international Occupational Safety Laws, regulations and applicable legislation. In cases where these are insufficient or absent, applications are made in accordance with the general practices of the sector and with the international general routine.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Occupational Health and Safety policy established by the Occupational Health and Safety Officers and approved by the management is reviewed, updated and managed by the Occupational Health and Safety Officers. All employees work in cooperation to reach this policy goal. All units are responsible for taking and implementing the necessary actions related to their areas of responsibility.

General Principles

YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş. undertakes to carry out all its activities with the responsibility of Occupational Health and Safety. Our goal is to achieve high levels of health and safety for our employees, our visitors and our customers while providing our services and services. YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş. has determined the following principles to achieve this goal.

A systematic and creative management approach is adopted to comply with the legal regulations, international standards and all ethical rules of the country in the areas responsibility related to the Occupational Health and Safety. Management systems are set up and implemented in businesses to identify the elements that can cause work accidents and occupational diseases, to identify and analyze risks, to protect the individual health of the employees, to make the working and environment conditions of the enterprises healthy and safe, to organize the methods and functions for taking the necessary measures, and to eliminate hazards altogether.
Occupational Health and Safety measures also contribute to the competitiveness of our business while increasing work power and efficiency of our employees.
They aim to improve the level of knowledge of employees in their work, to increase social and cultural activities, to maximize morale and motivation, both in terms of safety and efficiency.
YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş. keeps occupational health and safety at the forefront in all its activities and encourages and supports its stakeholders and suppliers in this regard.
With the principle that Occupational Health and Safety will improve with employee participation, work performance is followed up with double liability.
It is the common duty of the employees of the Occupational Safety Department to make progress in the area of ​​Occupational Health and Safety sustainable by making use of information obtained through regular monitoring of all works and result-oriented data analysis.

YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş. follows the Risk Analysis practices according to the hazards that arise during its activities. Corrective and preventive action plans are made related to the hazards identified in the risk analyzes, and the nonconformities identified on the basis of the interaction of the factors below;
· Possibility
· Severity
· Frequency (frequency of encounter with hazard)
and the risks are kept within the acceptable limits. According to the source of the hazard, its magnitude and its influence on the environment, accident prevention activities are being carried out with a continuous responsibility.
In order to achieve the goals and targets determined in this scope, Occupational Health and Safety works are continuously supported by senior management. All personnel regard it as part of its work to comply with all the requirements of OHS policy, its Goals and Objectives, and with legal and other requirements.

In YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş., regarding the Occupational Health and Safety;

1. Occupational Health and Safety Policy was established.
2. Objectives and measurable targets were identified in the area of Occupational Health and Safety.
3. During the process of eliminating the dangerous consequences of our activities, risk analysis is carried out by the working groups that include the Practitioner-Supervisor-Controlling persons and it is reviewed by them.
4. Trainings on Occupational Health and Safety are organized by authorized specialist staff for all the personnel, in accordance with the REGULATIONS REGARDING THE WORKERS’ HEALTH AND SAFETY TRAININGS METHOD AND PRINCIPLES in the Labor Law No. 6331.
5. All personal protection products are provided for all activities of the business and employees are provided with these materials.
6. To prevent the source of risks, improving and developing works are carried out.
7. All necessary health checks of all employees are periodically followed up by the Workplace Common Health Unit.
8. Periodical tests are carried out on lifting devices and compressors with the aim of preventing occupational accidents and occupational diseases and periodical earthing, noise measurements, air quality and thermal comfort measurements are made in all necessary environments and all preventive measures are taken in case of necessity according to measurement results.
9. Vocational training is organized with the aim of ensuring the professional qualifications of the employees.
10. Occupational Health and Safety Committees have been established and they meet regularly every month within the company. Decisions taken at meetings are meticulously implemented.

YEŞİLOVACIK LİMAN İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş. is committed to working in accordance with the model of continuous improvement in its activities with the awareness of OHS responsibility and to making these works sustainable.