MEDCEM INSTITUTIONS, founded with a view to the future, adopted the principle of providing sustainable service for the future by providing satisfaction to its stakeholders and being a pioneer and a model in the creation of a clean future.

MEDCEM INSTITUTIONS, which fulfill their responsibility for the welfare of its employees and the society, is carrying out clean production and activities in line with its basic values such as;

Minimizing environmental impacts,
Protecting natural resources,
Supporting the combat against climate change,
Reducing CO2 emissions,
Ensuring energy and resource efficiency.


At every stage of the process, MEDCEM ÇİMENTO, equipped with the most advanced environment-friendly technology and equipment, is equipped with state-of-the-art dedusting systems in all its units to produce environment-friendly products. It monitors every stage of production with computer controlled continuous measurement systems to control the effect of its activity on the environment. MEDCEM ÇİMENTO, the most modern, environment-friendly factory among the cement factories in our country, is committed to realizing the investments that will pioneer in the sector when necessary in order to maintain this feature.

MEDCEM ÇİMENTO, which has overtaken the mission to reduce CO2 emissions to combat climate change, attaches importance to energy and material acquisition from waste. For this reasoni it aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels and to protect renewable natural resources by obtaining alternative fuels from waste. MEDCEM Çimento, equipped with the best available technologies considering energy efficiency, is equipped with equipments that have amuch lower energy consumption than other cement factories. With the goal of using renewable energy, the waste heat generated at the end of production is converted to energy through the Waste Heat Recovery System (WHR), resulting in emission reduction and also supporting the improvement of the environmental footprint of the industry. We are using the most preferred SNCR (Selective Non-catalytic Reduction) system in Europe and in the World to eliminate NOx emissions harmful to the environment in combustion gases in order to realize the objective of our country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

MEDCEM ÇİMENTO has a special place in nature and society with its "high performance environmental cement" that makes a difference in its production and achieves reduction in CO2 emissions with the minimum fuel consumption, the use of renewable energies and environment-friendly additive materials and with low clinker / cement ratio.


Built to provide green (environment-friendly) service in accordance with the name of the region where it was established, MEDCEM PORT operates for the clean future with its advanced technology. It has an important mission in reducing the problems affecting all our stakeholders, such as road density, limited transport volume and environmental pollution caused by exhaust gases. MEDCEM PORT makes a difference by being more economical and more environment-friendly compared to other competitors and other transport systems in the region.

MEDCEM PORT has adopted the mission of protecting all living beings that are ecologically important close to its activity area. In this direction, it continues to support the sustainability of ecological life by forming a unit with the duty to protect marine ecology.

It aims to eliminate the potential of creating marine pollution by taking the wastes of ships arricing with the help of advanced technology waste reception facility. In order to achieve this goal, it receives highly pollutant wastes such as bilge water, sludge, waste oil (MARPOL Annex-I), wastewater (MARPOL Annex-IV), garbage (MARPOL Annex-V).


MEDCEM BETON continues its environment-friendly and quality service with its widespread network. MEDCEM BETON aims to make clean production sustainable by innovations and investments to produce environment-friendly products in its facilities. To this end, it has adopted the principle of using more environment-friendly raw materials, saving in natural resources with the philosophy of "zero wastewater", reducing and recycling waste. It attaches great importance to continuous improvement activities to protect the environment, employees and society, and cares for a better future.

From the manager to the employees, the entire MEDCEM BETON family is carrying out its activities with the awareness for the clean future. It adopts the same philosophy not only in its production but also in its sales, logistics and other services in other cooperated companies and organizations.